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SBA 504 Loan

Ohio 166 Regional Loans

SBA 504 Debt Refinance Program

Providing Financing for Growing Businesses

Cascade Capital Corporation is an economic development finance company providing dependable financing options for growing companies primarily in Greater Akron and Northeastern Ohio since 1983.

Accredited by the U.S. Small Business Administration as a Certified Development Company, Cascade Capital Corporation provides SBA 504 and SBA 504 Refinance Program funding throughout Ohio. Cascade Capital Corporation is also an Administrator of the Ohio 166 Regional Loan Program and provides funding throughout Ohio. The SBA 504, SBA 504 Refinance and Ohio 166 Programs are available to companies seeking fixed asset financing for operating facility, equipment and business purchases.

Cascade Capital Corporation participates in funding fixed asset expansion projects, through its primary SBA 504, SBA 504 Refinance and Ohio 166 Loan programs, in partnership with local/regional commercial banks.

Cascade Capital Corporation has funded numerous projects since its inception in 1983 with a total dollar value of these projects approaching $1 billion.

Cascade Capital Corporation is an equal opportunity lender. Business decisions are made based on merit, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, handicap, national origin or age.

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Success Stories

Jim Laber
President / AtNetPlus

Positive & Energetic

We have been involved with Cascade Capital for almost 10 years. They have always been positive and energetic when talking with the entire staff and I never had a bad experience with them. Along with honoring us with 9 Cascade Capital Awards and 6 Weatherhead 100 Awards, they also did everything possible to help make our SBA-504 loan process quick and simple. That loan allowed us to reduce our down payment and allowed us to borrow more, while also providing security for our bank because of government backing. I cannot think of any institution I have worked with so easily.

Our loans and financing options can help your business thrive.